LEB01/LES05 Absolute Shaft Copying System

Boosting elevator accuracy and installation safety

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Kuebler’s Elevator Shaft Copying System is a contactless linear measurement technology that advances the safety and accuracy requirements of the elevator industry while providing easy, safe and cost-effective installation. The system features a compact transmitted light sensor that mounts directly on the elevator car, as well as an easy-to-install encoded stainless-steel tape—ensuring permanent, slip-free positional measurement and accurate transport to desired floors.

Compact and robust. You can deploy our shaft copying system in tight installation spaces, as well as elevator retrofits, upgrades and new installations. It also resists the effects of vibration and dynamic rope effects, which can occur after continuous operation.

Easy, safe installation. Thanks to the included mounting set, installation takes only a few minutes. The encoded stainless-steel tape, which is led through the sensor housing, forgives scratches or kinks during installation and features rounded edges for safe handling.

Cost-effectiveness. The system mounts directly on the elevator car—eliminating the need for additional sensors and magnetic switches. Having less components reduces system costs, installation time and complexity.

Your Benefits

  • Simplified mounting
  • Elimination of additional sensors
  • Reduced installation time and costs
  • Improved safety functions
  • Reliable and long service life
  • High availability—no referencing trip required after power outage
  • Suitable for 99.9% of buildings worldwide


Technical Overview

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Absolute Shaft Copying System