Sendix F58 EtherNet/IP Encoders

Reliable, high-resolution encoders for time-critical applications.


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New Sendix F58 optical encoders are EtherNet/IP-certified for seamless integration into your industrial Ethernet applications. With their quick start-up, easy configuration and lightning fast data transfer times, these singleturn and multiturn encoders will improve your system’s performance with fewer costly disruptions.

  • EtherNet/IP functionality. EtherNet/IP-certified Sendix F58 encoders support a requested packet interval (RPI) time of just 1 ms, which translates to a fivefold improvement in position data transfer speed compared to conventional optical encoders. This makes them ideal for time-critical applications like automotive production, metalworking, printing and packaging machines.
  • Powerful performance. Encoders feature high rotational speeds (up to 8,000 rpm in shafted versions), high shaft load capacity (80 N radial and 40 N axial) and a wide temperature range (-40 to +80°C).
  • Reliable and insensitive. Encoders boast 100 percent magnetic field insensitivity. Their rugged Safety-Lock design resists shock, vibration and misalignment due to installation errors, while patented Intelligent Scan Technology provides resolutions up to 32 bits.


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